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Duradek Clients

Noah and Brent,


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the way those post bases turned out. We will do all of Duradeks like that from now on. I thought it would look a lot more like a patch, but the guys on site really did a good job. I was worried because I couldn’t be there, I was asking them to do something a little out of the ordinary, and it looked better than I thought it was going to.


Please tell the installers I said thanks very much. Very good job.

 Scott Cronshaw

Dear Mr. Swartzentruber:

Earlier this year I sent you an email seeking guidance as to a dura deck installation for my home in St. Michaels, Maryland.   You connected me to Noah of your firm who linked me with Ned Crabb, a local builder.  Over the past two weeks, Ned's team, together with the Delmarva Roofing crew have installed three new decks at my house, including a somewhat unique round balcony that was leaking and is now fully waterproof.

The workmanship has been excellent by all involved.  So, too, has the professionalism of the individuals doing the work.

I am grateful to you as the starting point of this exercise.

Nice way to end the week, so I thought I would share it with you!

With best regards,
John O'Connor

Hi Sheldon,

       Just wanted you to know that Chris and Ben (I think?) came today and worked all day on our deck and did a real nice job.  They worked well together and were very neat and everything matched up well and fit together like a puzzle.  I was impressed with their workmanship and work ethic.  They also cleaned up well  after their work They are two good men and represented your company well.  


Thanks Again for great job and product!

Ray Quillen

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