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Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing & Insulation System

Our SPF system is a great way to provide high-grade insulation on both roofing and interior wall applications for top-down protection from the elements. An SPF application effectively controls air infiltration, adds building strength and reduces cooling and heating costs. During the restoration process, each problem area is systematically addressed, repaired and resealed; then the entire roof is sealed with a reflective finish coat. 

This system is efficient because we don't have to tear off an old roof.  This keeps labor costs down. Businesses and industrial enterprises appreciate the lack of disruption and noise compared with roof removal. You have a small crew on the premises; there are no skipjacks on your property, and you elmintate the smell of noxious chemicals or "hot tar." You are left with a totally seamless look. Recommended for application over these surfaces: EPDM/BUR/Mod-Bit, concrete, metal, wood, composite decking, interior walls, and more. 


⦁ Stops leaks.

⦁ Stops lateral water seepage with the foam's closed-cell structure. 

⦁ Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expenses with its cool, white, reflective surface and an insulation value of R-6 per inch of thickness. 

⦁ Simplifies repairs - most damage can be fixed with a caulk gun and sealant. 

⦁ Extends the life of the roof.

⦁  Seals entire building's energy envelope when applied to roof and interior walls. 

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